Thursday, September 19, 2013

More of what does this mean?

(by Jim Tinder)

More of what does this mean…

Refer to the 9/12 screen shot on the 9/18 “What does this mean?” post.

Evidently they forgot to add one of their staff to the UTO board on the 9/12 list
(The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Barlowe)

Let’s see the UTO board now consist of:
            2 - Ex Officio
            3 – Appointed
            3 – DFMS staff

            7 – Currently elected UTO board members.

Hum, wonder how many are going to attend the September UTO board meeting?


  1. This would be funny if it weren't so tragic--
    It is interesting that other boards listed under Boards--CCAB's--under Executive Council--General Convention don't seem to be undergoing daily re-listing of members and roles--
    And at the bottom line-what is the rush to get this UTO Board under the control of General Convention, when the strength of the contribution of this movement--and the United Thank Offering is a movement and a lay ministry-- comes from the Triennial Meeting of the Women of the Church

    1. The existing bylaws were approved by General Convention 2012. Near as I can see, the "vacancies" (have the resignations of The UTO 4 actually, formally, been accepted?) are being filled by the "proposed" bylaws from DFMS. Is that "legal"? Have these "proposed bylaws" been accepted?