Protest Statements

A Statement from Robin Sumners
Province VI Representative to UTO Board
Communications Committee Convener
Resigned in Protest 9/2/2013

"My blue box will continue to be on top of my desk; where is has been for many, many years. I cherish the one with the many colored words of thankfulness. Every time I put in my coins, I smile. I will continue that smiling process. My life is rich and I am grateful for every moment. I would like to be sure that everyone knows that the UTO Four did not resign in protest at wrongdoing or "misappropriation" of funds by DFMS. Nowhere have we ever mentioned such a thing. We resigned because we felt and still do feel that the process we were invited into was not what we thought it was; hours and hours of writing and talking and at the end of the day on August 29, none of the core principles we had defined were included in the documents we received. We felt betrayed, and still feel betrayed. Please remember, we are all volunteers; we have nothing to personally gain in this conflict.

We are protesting the proposed dramatic change in functioning of a grass-roots movement that needs to remain free and mobile, not pulled into a structure that does not represent its organic nature. We are pleading the case, through the only forum we could find, the voices of the larger church; we are asking to remain in relationship to the Episcopal Church Women and the Triennial Meeting; we are asking to retain the three key elements of the United Thank Offering as being a place where we are included in a decision making role: the United Thank Offering Granting Process; the communication of our history and our work; the oversight of funds given to the church for the use of the United Thank Offering. We appreciate your prayers. We have loved our work; we have felt called to service; we have felt called to take a very painful stand."

Robin Woods Sumners

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