Inquiries are asking "What can I do?"
  1. Show up
  2. Listen: All matters have at least two sides: review both and come to your own conclusions.
  3. Tell the Truth
Adding a fourth of "Get Involved" is needed but still not enough.

A related story: A farmer and his wife are up as usual at 5 o'clock to start the daily chores. The children are still asleep upstairs. The farmer sits down to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast which his wife has prepared. The message is:
  1. The children sleeping upstairs was not involved in the breakfast.
  2. The farmer's wife was involved in the breakfast by its perparation
  3. The farmer was involved by eating the breakfast.
  4. The chicken was involved in the breakfast by providing the eggs.
  5. However only the Pig was committed.
First: Don't be one who is asleep.
Second: Do get involved but more importantly ....
Lastly: Commit - Take Action

After you read the pages on the blog and other sources if you are outraged as many; commit to an action. The civil rights movement started with one individual; Rosa Parks. However the changes to the injustice of race discrimination was only accomplished when the multitudes spoke up and acted - committed to the cause.

What can you do? 
  • Get the word out. Make your voice heard. Post you position on this blog, use twitter, email all your Episcopal family and friends to voice your thoughts and feelings. Let them know of your plans and methods to commit to an action.
  • Contact the members in your parish to let them know what is happening with UTO. Refer them to this blog so they can make their own, but hopefully, an informed decision.
  • Contact the authors and supporters at the Church Center about your feeling of the injustice and your plans and actions.
  • Contact the Executive Council members about your position on this matter.
  • Some will take action to recommend to their parish to keep the collection of UTO funds for local outreach or community needs.

    Continue your joyful use of the "blue box" to give your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters in thankfulness for all the gifts you receive daily.

    In our world, the 125 year history of living the theology of thankfulness must not end. You may want to fill your box several times during this hard season.

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  1. I've discovered that when using Twitter to communicate among Episcopalians, #TEC is ineffective. Better to use #episcopal